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About Us

Paul Hesse, CFII, Gold Seal Flight Instructor

Paul Hesse, CFII, ATP, MEI, Gold Seal, North Carolina Flight Instructor of the Year (2002)

Empire Aviation has helped many people turn once aspiring dreams into immeasurable joys of reality. Your future in aviation is only a step or even a thought away.

Since 1993 we are proud to boast that more then 95% of our students obtain their Private Pilots Certificate on the first check ride, and 100% on the second. As with any certification, it takes time, energy, and the desire to not only cross the finish line, but continue on!

Ground school is probably one of the most important steps in achieving your personal goals of becoming a pilot. Understanding the fundamentals is only the beginning of a life long endeavor to be able to call yourself an accomplished pilot. Interact with other students who are taking the same steps as you. Learn from each other. Join our discussion forum and exchange information.

Our experienced instructors have amassed over 130 years of flight training and preparation. Remember, they started where you’re at too. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from some of aviation’s finest and friendliest instructors!

Paul Hesse, Owner
Empire Aviation