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Multi-Engine Training PA-23

PA-23 Piper Apache Geronimo

Have you considered adding a multi-engine rating or a complex endorsement to your pilots license? Empire Aviation now offers multi-engine training in our PA-23 Piper Apache Geronimo from the Henderson-Oxford Airport (KHNZ) in NC. Costs for aircraft and dual instruction is $289 / hr. A complex airplane is an aircraft with retractable landing gear, controllable pitch propellers, and movable or adjustable flaps. There are no minimum hours a pilot must fly in order to receive a complex endorsement. Once you've received enough ground and flight training to operate a complex aircraft safely, and have shown proficiency in the operation and systems of the airplane, a Certified Flight Instructor endorses your logbook.
Piper Apache Geronimo PA-23-160

N4395P Piper Apache

Assuming you have your private or commercial certificate with a complex endorsement, and are proficient at flying complex aircraft, training for the multi-engine add-on can be accomplished in +- 10 hours of dual flight time. An FAA oral and practical test is required (in addition to your instructor's endorsement). For additional information, please contact us.
. N4395P - Piper Apache Geronimo PA-23-160