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Riverside High: 2012 Aerospace Engineering Field Trip

Riverside High School Aerospace Engineering Class Field Trip

Empire Aviation welcomed students from Durham’s Riverside High School to the Henderson-Oxford Airport on Friday, April 20, 2012 .

The students, all seniors in the Pre-Engineering Pathway at Riverside’s Engineering Academy, take special courses in design, engineering, electronics, material processing and computer applications. The field trip was designed to reinforce many of the concepts taught in the senior level Aerospace Engineering course, ranging from the history of aviation, to the working parts of an airplane and the forces of flight.

Back in March, Paul Hesse visited the students on campus and held a class on basic pilotage and VOR navigation.

Students explore a high-wing Cessna aircraft. "We can do this!"

Paul Hesse on campus, March 21, 2012

Adam Davidson, Engineering teacher and coordinator of the event, takes a ride around the pattern with 17 year old Private Pilot Kevin Barbee