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N8432C: Piper Cherokee PA28-140

Our Cherokee has been upgraded with a Garmin 430W for IFR Training.



Performance ChartN8432C
Climb Rate660
Distance Takeoff/Landing800/535
Distance over 50ft Obs.1700/1070
Empty Weight (lbs)1301
Gross Weight (lbs)2150
Useful Weight (lbs)849
Fuel Weight (lbs)300
Service Ceiling14300
Absolute Ceiling15800
Fuel Capacity (gallons)50
Oil Capacity (quarts)8
Useful Fuel (gallons)48
Main Tire Pressure (psi)24
Nose Tire Pressure (psi)24
Va - Manuevering129
Vso - Flap Stall55
Vsl - No Flap Stall64
Vx - Best Angle78
Vy - Best Rate92
Vfe - Max Flaps Ext115
Vno - Maximum Structural129
Vne - Never Exceed170
Vr - Rotate70
Vg - Best Glide87