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Henderson-Oxford Airport

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Solos & Checkrides

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Ryland Brough Ryland Brough

Ryland Brough soloed on 8/8/2021 at the Henderson-Oxford (KHNZ) Airport.

August 2021
Dmitry Bukhaltsev Dmitry Bukhaltsev

Dmitry Bukhaltsev’s solo flight on 07/09/2021 at KHNZ.

July 2021
Kayoko Stewart Kayoko Stewart

Kayoko (Katie) Stewart passed her Private Pilot checkride on 07/06/2021.

July 2021
Mike Zuber Mike Zuber

Mike Zuber flew his first solo flight on 6/5/2021 at KHNZ

June 2021
Clint Staples Clint Staples

Clint Staples, a recent graduate of Embry-Riddle, passed his IFR Checkride on 03/20/21

March 2021
Haley Jackson Haley Jackson

Haley Jackson (AFROTC) takes her first flight at KHNZ on 01/22/21

January 2021
Martin Ma Martin Ma

Matin Ma soloed in our Cessna 172 @ KHNZ

October 2020
Alexander Martin Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin solo flight on 7/18/2020 at HNZ

July 2020