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Home » Paul Hesse

Aircraft Fall: 2006

By Paul Hesse (September 2006)

I have been told that our other 152 N5144L is not far from being back in the air again. It was landed hard last November by a 350 hr. instrument rated pilot and is near completion of its rebuild. New cylinders were put on our Cherokee due to finding cracked cylinders on our 100 hr. inspection. A new radio will be added to N4844H for a two comm system. Paint may be done this Spring to our Cherokee, funds permitting? New cylinders were added to N4844H. The redone cylinders that came with the plane at purchase were “junk”. Do not buy redone cylinders if you own a plane., BRAND NEW cylinders kits with pistons are now priced in such a way that used cylinders are “not an option”. Buy new cylinders. Workmanship these days is falling off at a tremendous rate in SOME shops.