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Home » Paul Hesse

Aircraft: Spring 2007

By Paul Hesse (April 2007)

After 14 months of being disabled, N5144L our 152 is back in the air. After a terrible landing, repairs have been completed by Airwise Aviation and yahoo, we have our 3rd 152 available for training and rental. Our 172 has just completed some structural repairs that showed up on an annual inspection. An accident that occurred in 1964 showed its colors in the rear bulkhead of the aircraft. It has been replaced and all is well. New carpeting has been added to some of the planes. With wheel pants on the Cherokee being painted, it gives a new look around the gear. As some of you know there has been some damage done to the planes while being moved into and out of the hangers over the past two months. This needs to stop and is very avoidable. Also, major repairs must be made to our 152, 44L, due to terrible decision making while taxing from the runway 32. Once again avoidable and unacceptable. Please ask if question arises and THINK before you move an aircraft.