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Home » Paul Hesse

ATC Training: Winter 2007

By Paul Hesse (February 2007)

I recently had a bad experience within C airspace locally. We have 3 within our area. RDU, GSO and FAY. I was doing touch and goes, was cleared to land by the tower. Had four jets waiting for departure and a Cessna 182. I was cleared to land post departure of the 182. Cleared to land is cleared to land. The 182 rolled out and departed. I turned a closer base than the tower expected and he did not notice my close proximity to the runway. Tower was WORKING a number of arrivals and departures. Distracted I guess? I was on a close in base/final when he then cleared the first jet in line to taxi into position and cleared it for takeoff. I instructed the tower I was aborting. I had landing lights on, strobes and was looking at the jets crew at my 12 o’clock position. He pulled right out in front of me (dumb) and I had to abort to avoid a conflict of sorts. Tower then instructed me to do a 270 degree turn to downwind. No problem, but I was only 300′. Oopps. Be careful out there. Always be vigilant, think and you all know that everyone can make mistakes. Be aware that many older controllers are retiring and new ones are coming in to replace that experience. Be ahead of the plane always and be thinking ahead of the plane as well.