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Flight School Moves To KHNZ

By Paul Hesse (December 2009)

** Effective 12/15/09 Empire Aviation has permanently moved all operations from Lake Ridge (8NC8) to the Henderson-Oxford Airport (HNZ). Please note our new address and phone number. Come up and join us for a flight!

This is one of the wettest winters we’ve had in years, and the turf field at Lake Ridge is completely saturated due to all the rain. As a result, the airport is closed to traffic until things dry out.

With more rain in the forecast and check rides scheduled (wx permitting), I’ve moved flight operations to the Henderson-Oxford Airport, just 28 miles north of Lake Ridge on I-85 (exit 206). If you need driving directions to KHNZ, you can use this link.

N8432U, N8432C, N5144L parked at KHNZ

N8432U, N8432C, N5144L parked at KHNZ early Sunday morning, 12/6

Early Sunday morning (12/6), with the field slightly hardened from the previous night’s freeze, I called Randy Smith (owner of Lake Ridge Airport) and discussed repositioning the aircraft up to Henderson-Oxford. With his okay to use the runway, we flew N8432U (C172), N8432C (PA28), and N5144L (C152) up to KHNZ were we’ll be stationed until further notice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call.

Thanks –