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Newsletter: Fall 2007

By Paul Hesse (September 2007)

Away goes that hot, humid, poor performance weather of summer and in comes the chill of our newest season fall. Here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina comes better performance, visibilities, cooler oil temperatures and just plain better performance for pilots, students and instructors. We are now planning on flying post 1:00 PM now since the average afternoon temperature post lunch since July has been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The down side is shorter days are here with earlier sunsets. That means night time currency is a must with navigation skills in order to find your way home in the darkness of night.

Instructors’s Corner

Wayne Webster completed his first student Phil Leonard for his Private License. Wayne received his CFI in April 07 and congrats for that 1st check ride.

Brant Howell has now qualified for a Gold Seal Flight Instructor award. Wow…

Anthony Maynor has returned to instructing after being busy for the past three years. Jerry Dew has joined us for teaching / instructing on Saturdays and Sundays.

Past and Present

John McLain: In the last newsletter I hinted that our teacher / mentor DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) was leaving his position just because he is now 74 yrs. young. He has taught us many things to think about and improve upon over his 35 year tenure here in the local region. He has written numerous articles on teaching, learning, flying, decision making, etc. in this business / hobby of flying. He lectured for AOPA, help create the Wings program and has held numerous positions as a flight instructor over the years. He will be missed, but he is not gone. He asked if he could do a little instructing and maybe?? He’ll be back…