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Newsletter: Summer 2007

By Paul Hesse (July 2007)

Sad news!! We have recently been informed that our favorite Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) has decided to call it quits. John McLain one of the most dedicated aviation educators in the area has decided to retire due to health reasons. John has been a legend here since the 60s giving instruction, seminars, writing magazine articles, giving check rides and overall advice for over 40 years. He will be moving to Hickory with his wife where family will be there for greater support. For those of you who are familiar with the FAA Wings Program and the Pinch Hitter course programs here in NC, John was instrumental for establishing the formats and course outlines for both programs. As you know they went to national level in terms of implementation over the years. His dedication to education, GA, and safety will be missed greatly at this time. I know of no one who can replace his expertise and thoughts on these topics. Good luck and he will be missed by all.

New Private Pilots – Jessie Hastings, John Beasley, Ryan Wigly , Brian Abetya

New Solos – Carly Phillips, Seth Craven, Ron Unger, Mike Supples (he’s back)

New CFI – Wayne Webster and David Calhoun to the staff. Yahooo to both.

Congrats to all for their dedication to the learning process! We have completed two Private Pilot ground schools this year to date with a total of 35 students completing the course. New Private Pilot Ground starting at the end of August.

Be safe, get that weather brief and CLOSE that flight plan.