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Home » Paul Hesse

Safety: Winter 2007

By Paul Hesse (February 2007)

There seems to be a lack of common sense lately. Fuel mismanagement and weather are the leading causes of accidents again this past year. People do not get it after all these years of education and insurance statistics. *The FARs(61& 91) are written from observing experiences or ‘lack of’ from years of compiling data from incidents and accident reports. As of lately people are landing better with airspeeds much more stabilized. I am not replacing as many brakes as I had in the past. Well done with the instructors teaching and students learning the proper way to land. The only time one should use brakes is to taxi and run-up. If you are landing and need brakes, your airspeed is off, too high and you need to change your habits. Remember when within gliding distance of the runway, power to idle and you control airspeed with pitch and use flaps accordingly. *Remember soft field takeoff and landing technique this time of the year. .We are flying off a grass/dirt runway and it is imperative that one uses proper landing and takeoff procedures. Recently I have had students not doing the mag check properly. Trying to take off with only the right mag on will cause problems with performance. Make sure you go back to both after the run-up please.