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Home » Paul Hesse

Weather: Fall 2007

By Paul Hesse (September 2007)

Frost on the pumpkins is frost on the wings. Be careful with icing, frosted wings, windshields and cold weather starts. If you are NOT versed trained /experienced in cold weather stating, consult your instructor or you POH. Fires can easily be ignited with over priming or excessive use of the accelerator pump of the carburetor. All hangers have fire extinguishers nearby for every aircraft position.

Cold fronts are back with winds and gusty conditions until late spring of next year. We will see 20 knot crosswind components and wind shear that was not present this summer.

Beach flying can be very dangerous here along the coast since these fronts can produce winds in excess of 30 kts. Crosswind landings are not learned, they are practiced for proficiency. Experience is the key.