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Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee

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students from empire aviation’s flight school

Henderson-Oxford Airport

KHNZ in Oxford, NC is the ideal setting for flying lessons

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Costs & Fees

Aircraft Rental

AircraftPower PlantHorsepowerPrice / Hr
Cessna 172Continental 0300-A145 hp$106.00 *
Cessna 152Lycoming 0235108 hp$95.00 *
Piper Apache Geronimo
Lycoming 0-320160 hp (x2)$249.00
Cherokee 140Lycoming 0320150 hp$106.00 *

Flight Instruction

Cost / Hr
Recreational Pilot30C172, C152, 140 **$40.00
Private Pilot30 Dual / 10 SoloC172, C152, 140 **$40.00
Instrument Flight Rating40C152, 140 ** $40.00
Complex / Multi-Engine Training$50
Ground Instruction$25.00

Other Flights & Services

Discovery FlightA 30 minute introductory flight. $86
Photography Flights
Scenic Tours
Please contact us.

Pilot Supplies

FAAPilot's HandbookStudy Material$19.50
Flight TimeStudent Pilot HBStudy Material$15.50
ASAE6B Flight ComputerNavigation Toolprice varies with models
ASAPlotterNavigation Aidprice varies with models

Pricing current as of 10/23/09
Dual Instruction is $40.00 per hour during the day, $45.00 at night.
* Aircraft rates are “wet” (including fuel). Due to changing fuel costs, price per hour may be different than shown. Please check with us.
** If we instruct in an aircraft outside of our fleet the charge is $45.00 per hour.