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Pilot Certifications

Private Pilot License (VFR)Empire has a very successful program for Private Pilot Flight instruction. Over 95% of Empire's students pass the FAA Check Ride the first time. No empire student has ever failed to get his/her license.

FAA minimum 40 hours total time for students applying for a Private Pilot license. One of our instructors will be more then happy to further explain and break down these hours or see our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Private Pilot Written Exam PrepEmpire offer a separate ground school course specifically meant to prepare students to take the written exam. Private tutoring for exam prep is also available. Students may prepare for the exam before or during their actual flight instruction. Empire also has test prep books and materials for sale. As well as video tapes for rent.
Instrument Rating (IFR)All of Empire's Instructors are CFII, meaning that they can prepare you for both the FAA written Instrument Test as well as the Instrument Check Ride. This is on an hour fee basis.
Commercial RatingEmpire's instructors are qualified to prepare students for a Commercial Rating. We do as much preparation as possible in the Empire aircraft, then work with students to secure a complex aircraft in which to do final training.
CFI PreparationFor those advanced students who wish to become Certified Flight Instructors, Empire will work with you on an individual hourly fee basis to prepare you for the two FAA written exams and the FAA CFI Check Ride.
Recreational PilotA recreational pilot license allows someone to fly only during daylight hours, in uncontrolled airspace, carry one passenger, fly fewer then 50 nautical miles from home and fly an aircraft with a maximum of 180 horsepower, and in an aircraft with no more then 2 seats. The minimum FAA required time is 30 total hours. You may proceed from a recreational license to a Private Pilot License and apply those hours acquired toward the Private Pilot.