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Henderson-Oxford Airport

KHNZ in Oxford, NC is the ideal setting for flying lessons

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Solos & Checkrides

Visit our photos page for more pictures of students, past and present!

Monica McCarty Monica McCarty

Monica McCarty soloed at KHNZ on May 14th, 2015.

May 2015
Gene Braswell Gene Braswell

Gene Braswell passed his Multi-Engine Instrument check ride in the school’s PA-23 Piper Apache Geronimo.

April 2015
Brittany Waddell Brittany Waddell

Brittany Waddell soloed in August 2014 … and now she is a Private Pilot!

March 2015
Mike Esposito Mike Esposito

Mike Esposito passed his Private Pilot check ride on 12/20/14

December 2014
Michael Jones II Michael Jones II

Michael Jones II passed his SE Commercial Checkride on 12-17-14.

December 2014
Matthew Whichard Matthew Whichard

Jordon Matthew Whichard passed his Commercial, Multi-Engine check ride 10/17/14.

October 2014
Toral Patel Toral Patel

Toral Patel soloed on 9-16-14 in N5144L at the HNZ airport.

September 2014
Andrew Wegener Andrew Wegener

Andrew Wegener passed his Private Pilot check ride with DPE Henry Joyner on 8/22/14.

August 2014