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Haley Jackson

January 2021

Haley Jackson AFROTC

Some very exciting news from Haley Jackson who took her first general aviation flight with us back on January 22, 2021 …

Hi Paul!

I hope all is going well for you. This is an email that I have been meaning to send for a few weeks but have been a little caught up in things.

About a month ago, I finally got the call from my commander that I earned my pilot slot!! I have my flight physical scheduled for August 16-20 at Wright Patterson so fingers crossed everything goes well with that. My next step will be applying for ENJJPT in September.

ALSO, I was awarded a scholarship called JROTC Flight Academy that’s mainly for JROTC cadets but they give a few spots out to ROTC cadets. It’s an 8 week accelerated program to get your PPL. The program that I’m at is at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. I am about half way through and take my written exam Friday. This week we will be focusing on cross country flights. I had my first solo 2 weeks ago! Week 7 is when I will do my oral exam and have my checkride.

The training that I received with you has helped me SO much and definitely put me at a slight advantage above the other cadets. I graduate August 6th, hopefully will be graduating with my PPL. I will definitely keep you updated!

Again, thank you for everything!

595th AFROTC Cadet Wing, CEX
North Carolina State University