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Safety: Fall 2006

It was just a few weeks ago now that I had a total engine failure and landed on an interstate. I have been approached by a number of people and was asked primarily this question. …

Newsletter: Fall 2006

We have now moved into the Fall season here in the south. With the passing of hot, humid air with explosive thunderstorms our new focus in flying will be colder temps (frost / ice) and …

Be Careful of GPS

I came back recently from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to Raleigh Durham, N.C., in a Cessna 150 with a single nav/com radio, in solid instrument conditions, and terminating in a 600-1 VOR approach.
Back in the early …

Observations from an examiner

I have been a instructor for more than 40 years, and a pilot examiner for 26. In these two positions, I have seen students and pilots with a wide range of abilities, education and experience. …

Advice Heeded

This year is my 45th year as a pilot. In that time, I have benefited greatly from the advice and guidance of many experienced pilots. Recently I unpacked all of my old log books and …

Back to Basics

Over the past year or so while conducting flight tests and recurrent training, I’ve noticed an alarming trend: the almost total dependence on advanced navigation systems such as GPS, flight data systems, and the so-called …