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Aircraft: Spring 2007

After 14 months of being disabled, N5144L our 152 is back in the air. After a terrible landing, repairs have been completed by Airwise Aviation and yahoo, we have our 3rd 152 available for training …

Newsletter: Spring 2007

Stalling and slowflight are an integral part of your assessment. You must not spin the aircraft and understand the use of rudder during this phase of flight. If you yaw too much, rudder will fix …

What’s it like to fly GA with user fees?

Want to see how user fees could affect U.S. general aviation? Just cross the pond. Read and watch these articles from AOPA to see what could happen in the US if the Bush Administration gets …

ATC Training: Winter 2007

I recently had a bad experience within C airspace locally. We have 3 within our area. RDU, GSO and FAY. I was doing touch and goes, was cleared to land by the tower. Had four …

Safety: Winter 2007

There seems to be a lack of common sense lately. Fuel mismanagement and weather are the leading causes of accidents again this past year. People do not get it after all these years of education …

Training: Winter 2007

We have begun again a new private pilot ground school on Tuesday nights. We have 11 people enrolled and it is going smoothly. Last year, Wayne Webster and myself taught four sessions of ground school …