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In my flying career, I have seen tremendous strides forward in almost every aspect of aviation. Many are obvious, such as turbine engines, and pressurized light twins and single engine airplanes. In general aviation, the …

Flaps, Power and Airspeed: Understanding, rather than rote memorization should be every pilot’s goal

The inspiration for this article comes from you, the readers. My articles on Rudder, Yaw, Spins, Slips, and Skids elicited more reader response than anything else I had written in my “literary career.” I am …

Slips and Skids: An explanation of the terms is necessary

My two articles concerning yaw, its effects and its control seem to have aroused considerable interest among our readers. I have received quite a few e-mail messages and telephone calls regarding them. While I have …

Memorizing answers for a test is not the same as being taught by those with practical experience

If they can pass the tests, they get the certificate.
That seems to be the mentality of management people in the field of education today. SATs, standardized student level test, and the like seem to be …

Understanding the use of rudder: Its most important use is preventing yaw

I have been writing for The Southern Aviator and its predecessors for close to 15 years. Coming up with a fresh subject each month is often more difficult than the writing. I have now decided …

Pilot Controller cooperation: Give the controller only the information he needs (Part 2)

Last month, I discussed some ideas on pilots cooperating with air traffic controllers to make life and work easier for everyone operating in the ATC system. I presented some operating procedures controllers use, and how …