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Flight School Moves To KHNZ Flight School Moves To KHNZ

** Effective 12/15 Empire Aviation has permanently moved all operations to the Henderson-Oxford Airport (HNZ). Please note our new address and phone number. Come up and join us for a flight! […]

Newsletter: November 2009 Newsletter: November 2009

Turkey day is just around the corner and then its all out holiday season. Happy holidays from Empire, the instructors and all involved in flight here in the Carolinas.

Newsletter: February 2009 Newsletter: February 2009

Wind, wind and more wind has been the norm since the beginning of the year, and not the exception. For those who needed crosswind landing practice […]

Aircraft: Fall 2008 Aircraft: Fall 2008

N5330B was sold to a local couple. With the increasing cost of fuel and the economy becoming sluggish, it was decided to pass this nice IFR 152 to to a couple who wanted their own machine.

Newsletter: Fall 2008

The summer days are officially behind us now with a forecast of frost on the pumpkins. Out with the hot, humid days of summer and in with the crisp, cool, (and maybe) cold days of …

Weather Brief: Winter 2008

Make sure you do get one before a flight. Not only are winds stronger than in the summer due to the cold fronts, but TFRs are going to become more numerous as we get closer …