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Weather Brief: Winter 2008

Make sure you do get one before a flight. Not only are winds stronger than in the summer due to the cold fronts, but TFRs are going to become more numerous as we get closer …

Instructors: Winter 2008 Instructors: Winter 2008

Brant Howell has completed his move to Smith Mountain Lake, VA. He will be missed and was just great. He has opened a flight school and is using his talents with new students in the …

Aircraft: Winter 2008 Aircraft: Winter 2008

The Cherokee has just come back from the paint shop in Salisbury, NC. Rowan Co. Airport. It is the first paint applied since 1976 and is well appreciated and deserved for being 32 years worn …


Lately, I have attended some FAAST team safety meetings both here and in other states. It appears the accident rates for student and private pilots are ever so common in two areas of operation. One …

Newsletter: Winter 2008

Well were moved into the 2008 year with many of the familiar sign and symptoms of winter. That cold Canadian air with those cold fronts sinking in from the artic which result in AIRMETS/ sometimes …

Instructor Paul Hesse’s Mom

I would like to thank all of you for the support and kind words that have been expressed the past few days regarding my mom’s passing June Marie Wagner Hesse on December 4, 2007. After …