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Aircraft: Summer 2007

Recently we have had a number of aircraft leave the ramp without fuel caps secured. It has happened already four times this summer. This is not acceptable and dangerous. Since thunderstorms can cause extremely high …

Summer Flying

Well its that time of the year again where thunderstorms, hail, density altitude, wind sheer and haze all play a apart in our decision making in Go / No Go travel.
Whenever you load an aircraft …

Newsletter: Summer 2007

Sad news!! We have recently been informed that our favorite Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) has decided to call it quits. John McLain one of the most dedicated aviation educators in the area has decided to …

Instructors: Spring 2007

Wayne Webster completed his CFI in April after many years of flying with his commercial license. +50 years of general aviation and many years of flying and teaching ground school classes will enable him to …

Airport: Spring 2007

The 1st 400′ of this runway is rough. We are now encouraging and teaching not soft field technique, but rough field takeoff to avoid damage to the front strut, seals, scissors, and collars of the …

Weather: Spring 2007

Thunderstorms, maybe hurricanes (hope not), haze, high density altitude, carburetor ice, radiation fog , poor performance and high engine oil temperatures all encompass our next four months of flying here in the southeast. Know how …