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Henderson-Oxford Airport

KHNZ in Oxford, NC is the ideal setting for flying lessons

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Ground School

  • Aerodynamics Quiz #1
  • Aerodynamics Quiz #2
  • Density Pressure Altitude Quiz
  • Ground School Quiz #3
  • Physiology & Night Flight Quiz
  • Primary Instruments Quiz
  • Understanding VORs
  • VOR Quiz
  • Weather Quiz
  • VFR Pilot Caught in IMC
    Audio clip between an FSS air traffic specialist and pilot. Remember the 178 second rule and trust your instruments!
  • Sample Radio Calls 8NC8 <-> KAVC
    The attached pdf contains sample radio calls for a flight from Lake Ridge to Mecklenburg, VA (and back). This route is often used by student pilots on their first 50 mile solo xcountry trip. It starts with opening a VFR flight plan (that had been filed on the ground during a weather brief) and then requests flight following (traffic advisories) from RDU ATC. It includes the sample hand off to Washington Center and then making contact KAVC Unicom. It can be folded and placed on a kneedboard for reference. Frequencies may have changed, so check before using. A word doc that you can edit is available here.
  • Sample Radio Calls RDU
    The attached document contains sample radio calls for a flight between RDU and Franklin County. The flight begins at the GA terminal and includes all the steps from making contact with ground clearance to contacting departure after takeoff. Page two outlines a sample conversation with RDU ATC on the return. Please remember this is only for reference as frequencies, taxiways, etc. will change depending on the nature of your flight.